As a child there was nothing I loved more than being outside with my hands in dirt, taking care of insects, climbing trees and running around naked in the garden very comfortable in my own skin and in love with my body. On reaching my teenage years I had been hugely influenced by societal expectations and what was deemed normal which lead to a disconnect from my body, my cyclical nature and the land I lived on. I have since explored many spiritual paths seeking a life with more depth and freedom and whilst every exploration has taught me many things what I eventually came to realise is that the nourishing and fulfilling connection I had in the early years with my body and the earth was what I was craving. Since this realisation I have been committed to having the best possible relationship with myself and the earth, this for me is where the magic of life lives.

So as you can imagine many of my interests involve being outside doing anything from laying on the earth feeling the sun on my skin to hiking up a mountain or going for sweaty run. I love woodland, mountains, the ocean and expansive spaces, all the seasons and the gifts each one brings. I work with plants to align with the seasons of the earth and support my cyclical nature as a woman which involves anything from using them in cooking, makings teas or tinctures and potions to use on my body.

I believe women are full of power & magic and those qualities amplify the better the relationship we have with ourselves and the earth. I now combine my years of experience as a holistic therapist, yoga teacher, with feminine spirituality and earth based wisdom to offer women multiple ways in which to have a beautiful deep relationship with themselves. The embodiment practices I share and create include sacred self care, movement, deep rest, body & womb rituals – see individual pages for more information.

If what I’m ‘about’ speaks to you I’m happy that you’re here and ready to support you.