My circles for women offer a sacred space in which to connect, receive & share.  They are a safe space of sisterhood that invite you to arrive as you are, tune inwards, feel nurtured and express as you wish or rest silently leaning into the connection & community.  By tuning into the power of your heart and womb, you are able to nurture your energy and feel supported, grounded, and nourished.  Women have gathered in circles since time began, whilst in some ways we still do I feel that there is a call for a remembrance of the depth of wisdom and magic that can be shared and created by gathering in this way.

Each monthly circle will weave a subtle theme that honours the cyclical nature of women and the earth. Expect a seasonal plant tea or infusion and grounding practices such as breathwork or meditation.  All aspects of circle are invitational and you only participate in what feels right for you at the time.

Next circle is Thursday 27th June 2024
Pineholt Village Hall, Hucclecote

Spaces must be booked in advance and you can do so HERE

We honour that what is shared within the circle is and shall remain private once we leave.
Circle is not a space for gossip, agenda, judgement, interruption or unsolicited advice.  We do not comment on what anyone shares, we listen intently and collectively hold a loving supportive space.
By booking a space to attend a circle you are confirming that you are in good physical and emotional health and able to engage with the various practices I share (please get in touch if you are unsure).
It is entirely your personal responsibility to take good care of yourself when participating and you do so entirely at your own risk.
Please note that refunds are not available for spaces that are booked but not attended.